CertEurope, a company of InfoCert Group

CertEurope, an InfoCert group company, is a trusted service provider that ensures the confidentiality and traceability of digital communications. Created in December 2000, CertEurope joined the InfoCert Group in 2021. CertEurope’s numerous labels and accreditations attest to its strict compliance with technical requirements drawn up by the French Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI). CertEurope provides RGS*** certification and qualified trusted services complying with eIDAS Regulations on ETSI standards EN 319 411-1 and 2.

Customized hosting

CertEurope is aware of the problems of sovereignty and security specific to each country and guarantees clients that their data will be hosted only in the country of their choice: France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil or China. We have some of the most high-end data centers, which meet the highest standards in the sector. They are all at least: Certified ISO 27001; Tier III compliant

Order a certificate

digital certificate for natural person
digital certificate for server
(authentication, encryption, electronic seal)