The ALAIN AFFLELOU Group, Europe’s number-one franchisor with 1,400 points of sale, 500 of which are franchisees, wishes to accelerate and safeguard the digitization of its relationships with its network of franchisees. It has opted for paperless contracting, including electronic signatures, and is providing its Legal Department with new dedicated corporate file-sharing


Digitize signatures and transfer files in compliance with the applicable laws

The signing of the contract is a crucial step in franchise development. The act of signing the contract expresses acceptance of its terms and conditions governing the franchising relationship. What’s really important to the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group is to replace the handwritten signatures (2 letters with acknowledgements of receipt) with an electronic process providing at least the same level of security as the traditional signature process. With the same desire for legal compliance, the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group has decided to protect its transfers of documents containing confidential information. In order to implement its own security policy for contract signing and file sharing with its network of franchisees, the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group has opted for CertSign, which has been rolled out by the Oodrive subsidiary CertEurope, and PostFiles.


Oodrive takes care of the rollout of the solutions and standardizes the practices

CertSign, CertEurope’s legally valid electronic signature solution, has allowed the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group to set up a procedure that has probative force in case of disputes and meets the legal requirements for identification of signatories and integrity of the signed documents. The service is provided in the form of APIs that are developed by the Oodrive subsidiary’s teams and integrated directly into the online platform of the franchisees.
By choosing PostFiles, Oodrive’s professional file-sharing and synchronization solution, Afflelou has standardized file transfer practices for the frequently confidential documents exchanged between the Legal Department and the franchisees, each of which has its own specific solution from the private sector.


With guaranteed privacy of communications and minimal time and expense

By setting up CertSign in the PostFiles in the Legal Department and on its network, the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group has reduced the number of back-and-forth discussions and steps that have to be taken in order to draw up a contract and exchange confidential documents: contracts are finalized much faster, at minimal expense.
PostFiles allows users to comply with the Afflelou Group security policy with a simple Outlook plugin, with unlimited sharing of documents under complete control (restricted file access, control over user activities). One of the reasons why the IT Department opted for Oodrive solutions is that the PostFiles plugin is easy to install and intuitive. The Group’s Legal Department has become efficient in its overall management of contract versions and optimized its reminder procedures. The new tools have been so successful in France and Spain the ALAIN AFFLELOU Group is planning to extend their use to other departments and to other countries.


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