Spie Batignolles is a global player in Construction and Civil Engineering in France and abroad. The group now has nearly 6,250 employees, with turnover approaching EUR 1.5 billion in 2015. Spie Batignolles now uses CertEurope’s services to issue e-certificates to its employees internally upon request.

Complying with tender regulations and optimizing processes

What is essential to Spie Batignolles is to set up a centralized and consolidated process enabling its employees to benefit from e-certificates so that they can respond to invitations to tender directly online. The French economic modernization act of 2008 has made it perfectly legal to submit full digitized proposals for invitations to tender. Nevertheless, in order to comply with the procedure, it is vital to issue e-certificates that meet the standards of French security guidelines [RGS] to attest to the identity of the employees and ensure the confidentiality of communications. Spie Batignolles therefore chose the CertiPKI solution, delivered by CertEurope, an InfoCert group company, to respond to invitations to tender with the strictest digital identification procedures, among other things.

CertiPKI, the digital identity solution that builds digital confidence

With CertEurope, a pioneer in e-certification services since the year 2000, Spie Batignolles has found a trusted partner capable of optimizing its processes. As a “Qualified E-Certification Service Provider”, Certeurope is able to create e-certificates according to the RGS certification standards, the regulatory framework that creates confidence in communications with public administrative authorities, citizens and enterprises.
Spie Batignolles buys 100-certificate « blocks » from CertEurope, which it can then issue to its employees. Those certificates attest to the identity of the tenderers and ensure the confidentiality of communications. Spie Batignolles therefore remains a stakeholder in its role as a Registration Authority, ensuring that the employee’s applications for certificates comply with regulations. The e-certificate supplied by CertEurope is then handed over to the applicant by the company.

A trusted digital partner promoting development

A real digital identity card, CertiPKI gives Spie Batignolles employees exactly what they need to take a key step forward in the modernization of government activities: digitization. As a “Qualified E-Certification Service Provider”, CertEurope ensures that the certificates issued comply with French and EU regulations governing digital confidence and the security of online tendering in public procurement procedures. Like all Certeurope digitization solutions, CertiPKI has enabled Spie Batignolles to boost its productivity, optimize its processes and cut costs: less paperwork, smoother (and accredited) procedures, and indispensable user training support. No matter how many invitations to tender are received,, the Certeurope solution provides the certified signatures that Spie Batignolles needs for online tendering in public procedure procedures.

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