Ensure the probative value

of your signed digital documents

Compliance with the eIDAS European regulation

Have your clients and your partners sign in total confidence. Thanks to the solution’s compliance with eIDAS Regulations, you can rest assured that your signed documents will be acceptable as evidence.

A recognized Trusted Third Party

The solution relies on the infrastructure of CertEurope, a leading Trusted Third Party in France, which offers guaranteed reliability, security and compliance.

Three different levels of signature

CertSign proposes three levels of signature (ordinary, advanced, qualified) defined by eIDAS Regulations to meet the client’s security needs.

Protect yourself

against the risks of cybercrime

Secure digital transactions

Protect the whole signature process from identification of the signatories to conservation of the signed documents, for end-to-end security of your digital transactions.

Identification of the signatories

CertSign allows identification of the signatories through electronic certificates and has powerful functionalities for authentication, verification and management of the identity documents.

Heightened confidentiality of communications

CertSign protects communications through encryption and reinforces the integrity of signed documents through time-stamping and secureà archiving.

Liven up your business

with a 100% digital customer experience

More fluent processes through online signature

Designed for the Cloud, CertSign allows you, through its APIs, to integrate signature functionality directly into applications and processes.

A fully digital customer experience

CertSign provides clients with an innovative experience by tailoring their browsing path , to your brand image,.

Improve your conversion rate

Avec CertSign, your subscription routines will be %100 digital, your costs and processing times will be reduced, and you’ll increase your conversion rates.ansformation

"We are overjoyed to consider Certeurope as a trusted partner with solid expertise in Digital Confidence. Certeurope immediately understood our needs and provided safe and reliable in-house service. Thanks to this service, we have set up an optimal process to produce accredited e-certificates."

Thomas Germain, CIO of Spie Batignolles

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